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Insomnia presents many problems and if it lasts for an extended period of time can lead to a condition know as sleep deprivation. It is not unusual for a person to occasionally experience difficulty falling asleep and this should not be confused with insomnia. It should also be kept in mind that insomnia can be indicative of other underlying conditions and should always be discussed with a doctor if it happens frequently. Zolpidem is intended only for short term relief and those taking it should not come to depend on it exclusively for aid in falling asleep. Just one good night’s sleep induced by a medication such as Zolpidem can be enough for the body to recover from both the physical and mental ailments brought on by sleep deprivation.

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Zolpidem works extremely well but it is a prescription medication and as such does come with side effects that should be watched for by those taking it. Those taking Zolpidem have reported varying side effects which include headaches and dizziness so it should only be taken immediately before lying down to go to sleep. It may also affect cognitive abilities and result in amnesia or the loss of short term memory in some people. If used as a long term solution, Zolpidem can cause a condition known as rebound insomnia. This occurs when the medication has the opposite effect of that intended and actually keeps a person awake instead of helping them to fall asleep. Zolpidem should always be taken as directed by your physician or pharmacist in order to maintain its effectiveness and prevent any unwanted side effects.

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